If you have been doing research for any length of time about sales funnel software programs, I am confident that you have heard or seen videos about ClickFunnels software. You may be asking yourselves what exactly is ClickFunnels? You are not alone.

ClickFunnels works for any business that has a website that needs to obtain leads for their business such as realtors, doctors, and dentists. It also works for those who are trying to sell online. Whether it be physical products or services sch as coaching or consulting. ClickFunnels has become a great tool for business owners that it now a company worth over $360 million since it started in 2014. CLICK HERE….

Features Of ClickFunnels

1. Prebuilt Funnel Templates 

Not all ClickFunnels’ users will have the same needs and preferences. ClickFunnels knows this and provides it users with many options to choose from to fit their different needs. Users can choose from the funnel samples that come with their accounts.

ClickFunnels offers many carefully crafted templates to choose from. Even If you do not find the funnel that meets your specific needs, you are able customize one that is best suited for you. ClickFunnels provides tutorials with easy to follow step allowing you to create the right funnel for your business.

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2. Tutorials 

For those who do not know how to start using ClickFunnels, they provide many tutorial videos to help you learn step by step quickly.

They provide tutorials on how to get started, leveraging integrations, and how to to best use ClickFunnels to achieve your specific marketing goals.

With ClickFunnels you will also have a responsive support team, and a huge community where users will be able to interact and share their knowledge.

You will be provided with a great deal of information and strategies for using ClickFunnels and how marketers can leverage the platform to be successful in your market.

3. Integrations 

All online marketer look for a funnel program that will allow them to connect their accounts with other tools they are currently using.

ClickFunnels allows just that. Users are able to integrate with other software, such as Aweber and Shopify.

ClickFunnels will allow you to accept payments without sending your customers to a third party. It will support many payment system integrations such as Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay and many others.

4. SSL Certification

A great number of ClickFunnels websites deal with payments and other sensitive customer information. That is why ClickFunnels has made security its top priority.

ClickFunnels ensures that all websites created using their platform are encrypted to keep both buyers and sellers safe from phishing, identify theft, and other malicious attacks.

5-Flexible page elements 

The way you that your website is laid out will make an impact on your customer experience. Integral parts such as headlines, videos, images, and buttons will affects your performance.

Visitors to your site will want a great visual experience. ClickFunnels allows you to adjust these all in order to help you meet the specific needs of your customer base.

6. A/B testing 

If you are unsure how any of your funnel building elements or components will perform with your audience, ClickFunnels allows you to easily compare two variations against one another. This will allow you to find out which option will work best with your customers.

If for example you want to test out two landing pages to see which one will work best with your market or customers ClickFunnels will allow you to do just that. 

6. Analytics 

Once your funnel is up and running, you need to track how well it is performing.

ClickFunnels offers analytics tools that can help you monitor whether your landing pages are getting the required results that you need.

Metrics such as signing up and bounce rate can help you know whether your efforts are paying off.

Cons of ClickFunnels

  • Steep learning curve.
  • Expensive for startups or beginners

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