If you are thinking about promoting affiliate products from clickbank, I want share with you the reasons why I stooped wasting time, effort and money into promoting products on clickbank…
And if you read to the end of this this article I will share with you the best and most rewarding affiliate product that you can start promoting today…

Clickbank was my first affiliate networks I came across when I stumbled into this amazing business model couple years ago.

But after few attempts and couple hundreds dollar wasted, I quickly learned that it’s one I really want to avoid if I want to promote great products and earn high affiliate commissions.

So in this post, I’ll outline reasons why you want to avoid using Clickbank for affiliate marketing and offer some better alternatives

1- To competitive

The first and main reason it is very competitive, the average person will do when they think about affiliate marketing is go on youtube and watch the same Video watched by 10’s of thousand other affiliate to be, telling them same advice.

Go to clickbank, find a product in one of the following niches ( health , relationships, or make money) pick the products with the highest gravity and start promoting it.
The problem is you will end up promoting the same 5 or 6 products all the other new comers are promoting.

2- High Refund Rate

Most of ClickBank affiliate programs are of low quality. Over-hyped junk products are a dime a dozen.
They over-promise and under deliver for that reason the conversion rate on the sales page is high but on the backend you get higher refund rate also, specially with the long 60 days money back Guarantee you can lose a commission today on a product you have sold 20 days ago..

So if you are driving paid traffic for your clickbank offer lets say for example you spent $100 to make $148 ( with an average commission of $37/sale and you sold 4 unites) and after 60 days you had 2 refunds for $74 then you have a negative ROI. How long can you keep doing that?

3 Customer Low Lifetime Value

The average commission on clickbank is from $25 to $50 with the exception of few upsells and high ticket products.
So after you drive the traffic and collect the commission on the front end offer and the upsell the product owner keeps the leads information and you don’t get rewarded for any sales after that.

4- The Vetting Process is questionable

while The sign-up process for clickbank is straightforward and easy. You can sign-up within a few minutes and start trading without complicated paperwork to fill or administrative hoops to jump through.

Once you are inside you will find out that most the Good and reputable offer required you to apply for each one separately for you to be able to promote them..
If you are new the game with no experience or sales history, you are out of luck.

That leaves you with two choice
A- cave in and promote on of the low quality offer that are easy accessible to you
B- Pick one of the few good one that are available only to find yourself competing with the 100s of new affiliate promoting the same product as you

5- It is Hard

Most the product on clickbank are digital products, and required a lot of copyrighting and pre-selling.
It is not easy to sell an info product to a type 2 diabetes patient trying to convince him that in 3 weeks he will be diabetes free following few easy steps explained in a $37 ebook.

I am sure by now you are scratching your head wondering so now what?
Well the secret to your success as an affiliate marketer is recurring commissions ( subscription services)

These types of commissions are extremely powerful. Imagine referring someone once to a subscription service and getting paid healthy commissions every month for the lifetime of the customers subscription.
This is how you can build real wealth with affiliate marketing.

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